About Us

Our Mission: The Main Street Veterinary Hospital purpose is to provide quality compassionate care at an affordable cost for all patients.

About Us: The Main Street Veterinary Hospital is staffed by three full time and one part time veterinarians. They offer a wide range of experience and a diversity of special interests. Our doctors have special areas of interest in dermatology, reproduction, behavior, and preventative medicine. Each doctor spends considerable time in continuing education and independent study with the goal being to provide your pet with the best possible care. The professional staff has over twenty years experience in performing surgery. A significant percentage of our case load is routine surgery as ovariohysterectomy, altering, declaw, etc. However, the senior staff members also have considerable experience in orthopedic procedures, disc surgeries, heart surgery, caesarean section, and oncology procedures. The hospital is also equipped to preform dental prophylaxis (teeth cleaning). Our staff consists of numerous receptionists, ward attendants, clinical personnel, and caring dedicated technicians. The goal for our staff is to make sure your pet receives quality compassionate care. The hospital is open six days a week for routine services and is staffed Sunday for attending sick animals. There are doctor’s hours all day Monday through Saturday and a doctor is always present in the hospital during regular hours. The hospital is staffed after hours with an attendant to supervise patients. The attendant is there to make sure your pets needs are taken care of and to administer treatment around the clock. Our hospital covers emergency services, after hours, on certain days. We have an after hours phone service that will either direct you to an ER Clinic or will contact one of our doctors if they are on call. The professional staff of the Main Street Veterinary Hospital has been associated with this area for a considerable time. During this period we have come to know a lot of our patients and their owners personally. We enjoy this contact and we enjoy being a integral part of the community.

Our Doctors

  • Dr. Eddie Molesworth, Veterinarian
  • Dr. Judith Nabozny, Veterinarian
  • Dr. Tammy Han, Veterinarian
  • Dr. Destinee Wright, Veterinarian